Hi there.  My name is Ashad Mukadam, and I would like to welcome you to my blog.  The purpose of this site is to update you all about my latest published work, including newspaper articles and books that I have written.  Please feel free to navigate around the site by clicking the links above or on the sidebar to the left.

To check the latest updates and posts, you can either click here, or click the “Posts” link in the navigation bar above or in the sidebar to the left.

To contact me, either click here, or go the the navigation bar to the top, highlight “About Me” and below that you will see the link to the “Contact Me” page. You can also click on “Contact Me” the left sidebar.

You can also like me on Facebook to ensure that you don’t miss any of my updates by scrolling down and clicking on the Facebook “Like Page” button and on the left sidebar.  I am also willing to connect with you on LinkedIn, and you can click the button for my LinkedIn profile on the left sidebar in order to do so.  You can also find me on Google Plus by clicking the Google Plus button on the left sidebar.

I am also on Goodreads. To become a fan and/or a friend of me, you can click here.

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