The Treasure of Milky Lake Now at Revelstoke Library

Revelstoke Library now has a copy of The Treasure of Milky Lake in its collection.  So, if you are near there, you can check it out on their shelves.


Third Round of Editing for Third Book Done

The third round of editing for my third book, The Treasure of Milky Lake, is now finished.  I’m going to be starting the final push towards getting the book published very soon, so that means that the two-year process from starting the outlining to getting it out for you to purchase is almost done.

Be sure to keep an eye out over the next few weeks to about month and a half for a post announcing that finally, you can purchase your very own copy of the print version The Treasure of Milky Lake.  I will also let you know that this is a children’s book targeted towards kids in about Grades 4-8, so for you parents out there, this would be an excellent addition to your child(ren)’s book collection(s).

As for the e-book version, that will be released either later this year or early next year.