Now on Webtalk

I’ve just joined this new social network called Webtalk.  It seems to be something that combines elements of both Facebook and LinkedIn, and you do get to choose how you would like to arrange your connections (personal vs. professional, as well as subcategories under these categories), and allows you to share your posts according to which set of contacts that you want to see the posts.  If you think that you’d like to try it out, please click on the referral link below to sign up, as right now you can only get an account if someone refers you:

Privacy Policy Page Now Up on Photography Website

Because I have to have privacy policy page in order to do certain types of ads on social media, I have now created a Privacy Policy page.  Here is the link to it:

If you have any suggestions on how to improve it, let me know.

Interesting Article on Digital Trends Website

The following link is to a very interesting article that I happened to come across this morning:

It brings to light something that is very important in the photography world – the fact that when you take a picture of someone, you need to have their permission, whether written or verbal, before you can display those pictures publicly. And this is the case whether it’s for an ad, on social media, on your website, or in some other public manner. Otherwise, the best you can do is create prints, and, if you’re a photographer, put it as part of your hardcopy portfolio.

This is especially true for parents, as I tend to see a lot of them on the social media sites that I still have an account on posting pictures of their kids without a second thought for how they (meaning their kids) might feel about it.

Now on Behance

I’m now on Behance, which is simply a photography portfolio-sharing website.  And the main purpose of this is to show my “sharing portfolio.”  However, because of the way it’s set up, I’ll also use this to show off portfolios for the other photography services that I have, as more photos are taken.  To take a look at what is on there, here’s the link to it:

If you happen to see a photo on that website that you would like a print of, the process is the same as with all of my other social media accounts: let me know what photo it is, and what size you’d like, and I’ll see what I can do.

Updated Look for Regular Website

I have updated the look for my regular website.  After using the Greyzed theme for this website for about the past three years, I felt it was time to freshen it up with a different look.  There are a few things that are different with the new look compared to the old look.  For one, you will see that the sidebar for this theme is on the right, and not the left.  There is also nothing in the footer that you can click on, so all of your navigation is going to be done via either the navigation bar or the right sidebar.  Another thing you’ll notice is that the colour is much different compared to before.  Finally, you’ll notice that there is no section in the sidebar called “My Social Media,” as all of the links to my social media pages are now in the bottom right of the site.  To check out the new look, you can go to

EPUB Version of Journey Through the Video Game World Now Available at

Good news, everyone in Canada!  If you tend to do all of your ebook shopping on, you can now get the EPUB version of Journey Through the Video Game World from there.

Ebook Versions of Journey Through the Video Game World Now Available

I am happy to announce that the ebook versions of Journey Through the Video Game World are now available in both EPUB and MOBI (Kindle) format.  Here are the places where you can currently get them:

  • Amazon (MOBI (Kindle))
  • Kobo Online Bookstore (EPUB)
  • Google Play (EPUB)

Even better, I did not put DRM on it, so if you have multiple eReaders, you can put it on each device that you own.

Journey Through the Video Game World Mentioned on a Website

Journey Through the Video Game World has been mentioned on the following website:

Click the link to check it out.

Print Version of Journey Through the Video Game World Now Available

I am happy to announce the official release of the print version of Journey Through the Video Game World.  For those of you curious about what the book is about, here is the description from the back of the book:

In February 2013, Ronald Charlton was laid off from his job at Pacific IT and Consulting in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Soon after, he decided to start playing video games, initially as a way to just let out some steam.  However, it is now August, and he has still not stopped playing.  He only seems to get off of the couch when he goes to eat, sleep, and work out.  This is now starting to affect the relationships he has with his parents, Monica and Harold, and his brother Mitch, and especially with his girlfriend, Dawna Langston.  Then, on a rainy day in August 2013, a major thunderstorm hits Calgary.  Ronald, who has been playing throughout the storm, is just about to hit a new high score on his video game when lightning strikes the console, causing an electrical current to travel down the wire to his controller, which then surrounds him, and transports hi to the video game world.  He soon finds out from the government of the video game world, commonly called The VGG, that he must physically play and complete a number of games in a certain order only known to them in order to get home.  Ronald, along with his guide Pixie, then embark on a journey to return Ronald home.  Will he make it back to the real world, or is Ronald doomed to stay in the video game world forever?

To get your copy, you can go to either Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or you can click the link below: