The Treasure of Milky Lake EPUB Edition Now Available on

The Treasure of Milky Lake EPUB edition is now listed on  This is a Kobo-based purchase and download, so before you buy it, make sure you either have a Kobo device, or the Kobo app on your iOS or Android device.


The Treasure of Milky Lake Now Available in EPUB Format

There’s more good news, everyone!  The EPUB version of The Treasure of Milky Lake is also now available for purchase!  You can read it on KOBO devices, or you can read it on your Android or iOS device via the KOBO app.  Just go to the KOBO store, and you can purchase your copy.  Also, it should be available in other stores that sell KOBO-based EPUB books, such as, in the future.

If you’re wondering if it will also be available on the Google Play Store, unfortunately it won’t because for some odd reason, Google doesn’t allow new book uploads anymore, even if the author is the publisher.

Ebook Versions of Journey Through the Video Game World Now Available

I am happy to announce that the ebook versions of Journey Through the Video Game World are now available in both EPUB and MOBI (Kindle) format.  Here are the places where you can currently get them:

  • Amazon (MOBI (Kindle))
  • Kobo Online Bookstore (EPUB)
  • Google Play (EPUB)

Even better, I did not put DRM on it, so if you have multiple eReaders, you can put it on each device that you own.