Kicking from Beyond the 40 Now on Hoopla

Kicking from Beyond the 40 is now on Hoopla.  If you need a refresher about Hoopla, it is a service available through your local library that allows you to borrow ebooks and other digital files to view on your computer or mobile device.  So if your library uses Hoopla as their ebook service, borrow and read Kicking from Beyond the 40 today!

Kicking from Beyond the 40 Now Available on Google Play Books

Kicking from Beyond the 40 is now available on the Google Play Books store.  If you have an Android device (phone or tablet) or Chromebook, and you’ve been waiting on purchasing Kicking from Beyond the 40 until it was available on Google Play Books, now you can do so!  Here is the link to where you can get your very own copy:

Books Now Available on

For those of you in Canada, you can now get two of my books on

  • Kicking from Beyond the 40 (both Paperback and Hardcover)
  • Journey Through the Video Game World (only the Hardcover edition)

So, if you’ve been waiting on purchasing these two books until they were available on, the wait is now over!

Promo Code from Blurb

Haven’t had the chance to get Kicking from Beyond the 40 yet?  Then there is a deal from Blurb.  Until October 4 at 11:59 pm, you can get 35% off of your order when you enter the promo code SHOW35 at the checkout.

Kicking from Beyond the 40 Now Available on Some Amazon Sites

Kicking from Beyond the 40 is now available for purchase on some Amazon sites.  If you were waiting until you could get the book from Amazon, you may be able to do so now.  Just do a search on your country’s Amazon site for either my name or the book, and see if it is listed there.

Changes for Purchasing Kicking from Beyond the 40

As all of you are aware, three years ago next month I published my first book, Kicking From Beyond The 40.  Originally, I was going to use Blurb to publish the book, but I moved over to because of a ton of issues using Blurb’s book-making software at the time, BookSmart.  Well, back at the end of December I happened to go back to Blurb’s website, and I found out that they had released a new book-making software called BookWright.  My curiosity about this new software led me to testing it out by inserting the text from my first book.  After the testing, I realized that my original vision for the book was going to come true (5″x8″, and available in both paperback and hardcover formats), as this software worked way better for print book publishing than BookSmart.

However, due to the focus on the photography business, as well as continuing work on the first draft of the third book, I wasn’t able to get Kicking From Beyond The 40 published onto Blurb…until now.  I just received my proof copies of the book, and after reviewing them, everything is good to go.  That means that there will be some changes to how you can purchase this book. Continue reading