Title of Fourth Book

The title of my fourth book has now been chosen.  This book will be called The Crime in the Woods.

First Draft of Fourth Book Finished

The manuscript for the first draft of my fourth book is now officially completed.  It is in editing now, and it will take some time before the book gets through the editing process.

Writing Started on Fourth Book

I have finally started the writing on my fourth book.  I cannot give an ETA as to when the first draft will be done, but at least the process has now moved on from having an outline to actually getting on with the writing.

Outline for Fourth Book Finished

The outline for my fourth novel, which is a children’s murder mystery novel, is done.  I am now onto writing the first draft of it.  It took a little longer to move on to the next stage than I planned on, but at least I can now get on with actually writing.