The Treasure of Milky Lake Now in Various Libraries

If you’re looking to head to the library to read The Treasure of Milky Lake, you can now do so in the following libraries:

  • Calgary Public Library
  • Cochrane
  • Chestermere
  • Airdrie
  • Strathmore
  • High River
  • Okotoks
  • Turner Valley (Sheep River Library)
  • Banff
  • Canmore
  • Jasper
  • Penticton

If you’re closest library is not in one of the above locations, please let your local library know that you would like them to add The Treasure of Milky Lake to their collection.


The Treasure of Milky Lake Now Available for Purchase

Two years ago, I started work on The Treasure of Milky Lake by starting on outlining it.  Last year, I finished up the first draft of it.  Today, I am happy to announce that The Treasure of Milky Lake is finally available for purchase!  As I mentioned about a month and a half ago, this book is a children’s book targeted towards kids in Grades 4-8, although parents would also enjoy reading this book.

To get your very own copy of The Treasure of Milky Lake, please go to the following link:

The book is also available for purchase from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, other online bookstores (keep checking to see if it is listed on their websites), and via special order through your local bookstore.  If you would like your local bookstore or your local library to carry physical copies on their shelves, go there and make a request to them.

Third Round of Editing for Third Book Done

The third round of editing for my third book, The Treasure of Milky Lake, is now finished.  I’m going to be starting the final push towards getting the book published very soon, so that means that the two-year process from starting the outlining to getting it out for you to purchase is almost done.

Be sure to keep an eye out over the next few weeks to about month and a half for a post announcing that finally, you can purchase your very own copy of the print version The Treasure of Milky Lake.  I will also let you know that this is a children’s book targeted towards kids in about Grades 4-8, so for you parents out there, this would be an excellent addition to your child(ren)’s book collection(s).

As for the e-book version, that will be released either later this year or early next year.

Second Round of Editing for Third Book Done

The second round of editing for the third book is now done.  That means that it’s much closer to finally being published.  The goal is to get it fully done and published within the next month.

Title for Third Book

I have selected the title for the third book, which is a children’s book.  It will be called The Treasure of Milky Lake.  Just like Journey Through the Video Game World, it will be available in paperback for the printed edition, and epub and mobi formats for the ebook edition.

First Round of Editing for Third Book Finished

It took a while, but the first round of editing for my third book is finally finished.  I’ll let you know when the second round of editing is done.  Because of the delay, it may not be until this April before it is officially available for sale.

First Draft of Third Book Finally Done

It’s been over a year since I started outlining my third book.  It’s been almost a year since I starting actually writing it.  But I am happy say that the first draft of it is finally done.  It will probably take some time for editing to occur, but at least the second stage is over. It took so long because I also have the photography business to run, and I had taken all of those photos that I’ve taken over the spring and summer, many of which required editing, and so it wasn’t so easy to get back into writing.

I will tell you it’s probably not going to be a very huge book compared to my first two, and that’s because it’s a children’s book, and I wanted to ensure it was an easy read for them.  The other reason is that this is my first attempt at a children’s book, and I wanted to do something simple.  Also, in case you’re wondering when my target for release is, I’m hoping for early 2017.

Outline for Third Book Finished

I’m sure there are some of you wondering what has been going on with my third book since early last month.  Don’t worry, I haven’t just been concentrating on my photography business.  I have also been doing work on this next book.  I was doing some more work on the outline, since there were details that I realized I missed in the first version of it.  I also was doing both the character and settings sketches as well.  Well, now all the outlining is done (including the character and settings sketches), and I will be ready to get started on writing it, hopefully sometime next week.

Third Book Started

I know some of you, perhaps many of you, are wondering what is going on with my third book.  Well, I’ve finally gotten an outline done for it, though it is just a draft of where I might go with it.  I still have character and settings sketches to do.  After those are done, I’ll be reviewing the outline and sketches before I get started on writing.  But, I am hoping that within the next month, I’ll be able to move on to writing it.

Start of the Third Book

I’m sure some of you are wondering when I’ll be finally starting work on my third book.  Well, after having to take care of some stuff in my personal life after Journey Through the Video Game World was published, and afterwards putting in a lot of work into getting my photography service off the ground (mainly with the background work involved), I can finally say when book number three will be started.  I will be getting started on that hopefully tomorrow, and at the latest sometime next week.  This third book will take longer than the first two because I don’t have an idea yet as to what to write about, so the first step in this process will be brainstorming some ideas, which can take some time.  As a result, I really cannot give you a definite timeline as to when the third book will be available, but I can say that it certainly will not be ready at all in 2015.  I am hoping that it will be ready in 2016, though as you saw from my updates throughout last year as I was writing Journey Through the Video Game World, that can be a moving target.  This will be especially true since I’ll also be doing photography at the same time as writing the third book.