Title of Fourth Book

The title of my fourth book has now been chosen.  This book will be called The Crime in the Woods.

Books Now Available on Vivlio

All three of my published books are now on Vivlio!  What is Vivlio?  It is an EPUB ebook device that not only has its own ebook store, but it is also distributed to bookstores located in France, Belgium, and Switzerland.  So, if you are located in these countries, and you own this device, get your very own copy of either Kicking from Beyond the 40, Journey Through the Video Game World, and The Treasure of Milky Lake today!

Here are the direct links to where you can buy the books:

Kicking from Beyond the 40 – https://www.vivlio.fr/rechercher/result/?q=9781386261216

Journey Through the Video Game World – https://www.vivlio.fr/rechercher/result/?q=9780993803819

The Treasure of Milky Lake – https://www.vivlio.fr/rechercher/result/?q=9780993803826

Two Books Now On Hoopla

Two of my books are now on Hoopla: Journey Through the Video Game World and The Treasure of Milky Lake.  In case you’re not sure what Hoopla is, it’s a service offered by your local public library that allows you to borrow ebooks and other digital files to view on your computer or mobile device.  So, if your library uses Hoopla as their ebook service, borrow and read either Journey Through the Video Game World or The Treasure of Milky Lake today!

First Draft of Fourth Book Finished

The manuscript for the first draft of my fourth book is now officially completed.  It is in editing now, and it will take some time before the book gets through the editing process.

Writing Started on Fourth Book

I have finally started the writing on my fourth book.  I cannot give an ETA as to when the first draft will be done, but at least the process has now moved on from having an outline to actually getting on with the writing.

The Treasure of Milky Lake Now Available on Google Play Books

It took two years, and a lot of difficulty getting the file to upload properly, but I’m now happy to let you know that, finally, The Treasure of Milky Lake is now available on the Google Play Book store!  That’s right, if you have an Android or Chrome OS device, and you wanted to purchase your own copy of The Treasure of Milky Lake for your Android phone or tablet, or your Chromebook, you can now do so!  Here is the direct link to where you can make your purchase:


Outline for Fourth Book Finished

The outline for my fourth novel, which is a children’s murder mystery novel, is done.  I am now onto writing the first draft of it.  It took a little longer to move on to the next stage than I planned on, but at least I can now get on with actually writing.

Ebooks Available on Other Ebook Retailer Websites

If you’ve been waiting for the ebook versions of either Journey Through the Video Game World or The Treasure of Milky Lake to be available on other ebook websites such as the Apple Books Store and Scribd, and other ereaders such as the Nook and iPad, then wait no more! I have just released the EPUB versions of both of these books to other ereaders and other ebook stores. These are the new places where you can purchase the books: Barnes and Noble (for the Nook), Apple Books Store (for the iPad), Scribd, Tolino, 24Symbols, Playster, OverDrive, Biblioteca, and whatever libraries and stores are on the Baker and Taylor catalog.

Fourth Book Now Started

My fourth book has now officially been started. It’s only in the outlining phase at this point, and it’s really early. I will let you know that I’m attempting to write a children’s mystery novel.

Lulu.com 2018 Cyber Monday Sale

If you haven’t had the chance yet to get the paperback versions of either Journey Through the Video Game World or The Treasure of Milky Lake, then there is a deal on Lulu.com for Cyber Monday.  Until 11:59 PM tonight, you can get 35% off of your order when you enter in the promo code CM35.