Title of Fourth Book

The title of my fourth book has now been chosen.  This book will be called The Crime in the Woods.

Now Accepting Cryptocurrencies for Photography Business

I now have the ability to accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment for my photography business.  So, if you are someone who prefers that method of payment over fiat currencies, now you have to ability to pay me via crypto!  I accept many, so all you have to do is ask which ones I can take, and I can let you know.

This also applies to my new photography e-commerce website at ashad-mukadam-photos.myshopify.com!  At this time, I can only accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Dogecoin on the e-commerce site.  During checkout, when you select your method of payment, select either Coinbase (for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash) or CoinPayments (for Dogecoin) as your payment method, and then follow all the steps required in order to pay for your order.

New Photography E-Commerce Website

I have just started up an e-commerce website for my photography.  On this new site, you can purchase photo products, prints, and downloads of my non-client photos, and their all in one place.  So, if you’ve seen my photos on social media, and wanted it on a product, as a print, or to download for your own personal, use, now you can!  I actually encourage you to not only take a look, but to also buy something from there!  Also, share it with your friends, and encourage them to buy something too!  Here is the link to where you can go to buy these photo items:


Books Now Available on Vivlio

All three of my published books are now on Vivlio!  What is Vivlio?  It is an EPUB ebook device that not only has its own ebook store, but it is also distributed to bookstores located in France, Belgium, and Switzerland.  So, if you are located in these countries, and you own this device, get your very own copy of either Kicking from Beyond the 40, Journey Through the Video Game World, and The Treasure of Milky Lake today!

Here are the direct links to where you can buy the books:

Kicking from Beyond the 40 – https://www.vivlio.fr/rechercher/result/?q=9781386261216

Journey Through the Video Game World – https://www.vivlio.fr/rechercher/result/?q=9780993803819

The Treasure of Milky Lake – https://www.vivlio.fr/rechercher/result/?q=9780993803826

New Products Available on Pixieset Website

Good news everyone!  I have now added new products available for sale on my Pixieset website.  They are: Digital Downloads, Wood Prints, new types of framed prints, Bamboo Prints, and various types of cards.  Digital Downloads are available in Original, High-Resolution, and Web (Large, Medium, and Small).

So, if you’d like to check out all of these new products, and also buy one of them (as well as the other products that were already available there), go the following website today:


Just a note: now, when you subscribe to my Patreon and SubscribeStar pages at the $10 level, you’ll get early access to digital downloads that will be eventually available for sale in my Pixieset store.

Kicking from Beyond the 40 Now on Hoopla

Kicking from Beyond the 40 is now on Hoopla.  If you need a refresher about Hoopla, it is a service available through your local library that allows you to borrow ebooks and other digital files to view on your computer or mobile device.  So if your library uses Hoopla as their ebook service, borrow and read Kicking from Beyond the 40 today!

Now on SubscribeStar

I have now created a SubscribeStar page.  The way that this works is just like Patreon, where you subscribe to the tier that you want, depending on what you want to see.  It is also priced in USD.  In the case of my page, it will be just like Patreon, where the $5/month tier allows you to see photos not shared on my websites or social media accounts (and will be the same photos as shown on Patreon), and also gives you exclusive access to coupons to my Pixieset site, and the $10/month tier allows you to download photos for your own personal use.

However, the downloads work differently here compared to Patreon.  Instead of 5MB, 10MB, and original size downloads, the size of downloads will be 1MB, 3MB, and 5MB, as 5MB is the maximum image size allowed on SubscribeStar.  So, unless the original image size is below 5MB, there will be no way for me to allow a download of the original image size there.  Also, while there will be a list of links, they will be zip files instead of the actual image files, since the actual images load up, rather than the attachment files.  So, in order to download the size of image you want, you will still click the file, but then you’ll have to unzip it.

If you’d like to check it out, or if you want to subscribe to this page, please go to www.subscribestar.com/ashadmukadam.

Two Books Now On Hoopla

Two of my books are now on Hoopla: Journey Through the Video Game World and The Treasure of Milky Lake.  In case you’re not sure what Hoopla is, it’s a service offered by your local public library that allows you to borrow ebooks and other digital files to view on your computer or mobile device.  So, if your library uses Hoopla as their ebook service, borrow and read either Journey Through the Video Game World or The Treasure of Milky Lake today!

Charges When Pledging to My Patreon

Just so you’re aware, when you pledge to my Patreon, you will be charged immediately upon signing up, and then on the first of every month.  I did this to ensure that I didn’t get people who would pledge with the intention of downloading my photos, and then cancel their subscription before they got charged, essentially trying to get the digital downloads of the photos for free.

Thank you for your understanding.

Now on Patreon

I have now created a Patreon page.  This is for my photography, and the purpose is to share photos that I have not shared anywhere else (including social media), as well as to allow access to digital downloads of my photos for your own personal use, including for backgrounds for your computer and mobile devices.  That means that they are not to be published on any other websites.  Furthermore, it will allow you to get exclusive coupons for buying prints on my Pixieset website.  There will be two tiers for membership (prices in USD): $5/month for seeing the pictures and getting the coupons, and $10/month in order to get access to the downloads.  As of now, this will be the only way that I’ll be able to allow digital downloads of my photos.  The photos will be available in three sizes: 5MB, 10MB, and the original size.

Eventually, I might allow for downloads of my photos on my own e-commerce site when I can afford to create one, and if that is the case, the $10/month tier will allow for early access to the digital downloads to my photos.

The website for my Patreon is www.patreon.com/ashadmukadam.