Tips on Making Videos

One of my LinkedIn connections has written an article that gives some tips for making videos.  So, if you happen to be making videos, or you’re looking to start making your own videos, it’s worth a read.  Here’s the link to it:

Interesting Article on Digital Trends Website

The following link is to a very interesting article that I happened to come across this morning:

It brings to light something that is very important in the photography world – the fact that when you take a picture of someone, you need to have their permission, whether written or verbal, before you can display those pictures publicly. And this is the case whether it’s for an ad, on social media, on your website, or in some other public manner. Otherwise, the best you can do is create prints, and, if you’re a photographer, put it as part of your hardcopy portfolio.

This is especially true for parents, as I tend to see a lot of them on the social media sites that I still have an account on posting pictures of their kids without a second thought for how they (meaning their kids) might feel about it.