Real Estate Photography Portfolio Up On Photography Website

I didn’t get a chance to upload one on Monday when I officially announced that I was adding real estate photography to my photography services, but I now have a portfolio for real estate photography up on my photography website.  If you would like to see what I have put in there so far, please go to the following website:

New Instagram Business Profile

I have now created a business profile on Instagram.  This is to allow any potential customers to contact me directly within Instagram, instead of taking the long way by clicking on tapping on the link to my photography website, and then navigating to the “Contact Me” page.   The only pictures that will be posted here will be those related to my portfolio, and pictures I take for clients.  Here is the link to the page so that you can follow me:

As you can see, this is a different profile name.  That means that I haven’t deleted my personal profile.  My personal profile will be used to share all the different photos that I have taken, both when I’m out and about and as part of my photography business.  The personal profile will also have updates for whenever my books are published.

Now on Vero

With all the hype surrounding Vero over the past week, I’ve now decided to give it a try.  You can find me just by typing in my name, and we can connect on there.

So far, I really like this tool, and it does have potential to be a really nice alternative to Instagram, especially if you hate that algorithm and the constant ads on it.  Plus, it’s actually not too hard to use.  It’s still free to sign up, so get your account as soon as you can!

Portrait Portfolio Page Now Up on Photography Website

I now have a portrait portfolio page up on my photography website.  To take a look at it, please click the following link:

Back on Instagram

So, it’s been almost a year since I deleted my original Instagram account because I wasn’t too happy with the way that the new algorithm was working, especially because my work was not being seen as much as it was before the algorithm was changed.  After talking to some people over the past month, I found out that it seems like people are starting to see each other’s posts again, though it can take a little longer.

Therefore, I’ve decided to give Instagram another chance, albeit with a new username since my old one is gone forever due to its permanent deletion.  Another reason is because of the sheer number of users on it, it’s still a good way to show my work, even if people don’t see it as often as they did before the algorithm was introduced.  If you want to see my Instagram feed at any time, please click on the following link:

Now on YouPic

I have just created an account with a website called YouPic as another way to share my portfolio.  To see my website, please click on the following link:

Now on Behance

I’m now on Behance, which is simply a photography portfolio-sharing website.  And the main purpose of this is to show my “sharing portfolio.”  However, because of the way it’s set up, I’ll also use this to show off portfolios for the other photography services that I have, as more photos are taken.  To take a look at what is on there, here’s the link to it:

If you happen to see a photo on that website that you would like a print of, the process is the same as with all of my other social media accounts: let me know what photo it is, and what size you’d like, and I’ll see what I can do.

New Social Media Accounts

I now have accounts with two photo sharing websites: DeviantArt and Imgur.  These are part of my constant search for various places to display my portfolio (the “sharing portfolio”) in an attempt to get discovered by potential clients.  To check them out, or to follow me on these platforms, go to the following websites:


My EyeEm Account

I now have an account on a photo sharing website/app called EyeEm.  This is another place for me to display my portfolio.  If you want to see the pictures I have there, or if you would like to follow me, then go to my profile at

Now on 500px

I now have an account with 500px.  I was reading up some information on it, and it turns out that it is another great way to display your portfolio.  I also have enabled the ability to purchase digital downloads on this site, and those downloads are only for non-commercial use.  If you want to follow me on this site, you can go to