New Products Available on Pixieset Website

Good news everyone!  I have now added new products available for sale on my Pixieset website.  They are: Digital Downloads, Wood Prints, new types of framed prints, Bamboo Prints, and various types of cards.  Digital Downloads are available in Original, High-Resolution, and Web (Large, Medium, and Small).

So, if you’d like to check out all of these new products, and also buy one of them (as well as the other products that were already available there), go the following website today:

Just a note: now, when you subscribe to my Patreon and SubscribeStar pages at the $10 level, you’ll get early access to digital downloads that will be eventually available for sale in my Pixieset store.

Now Accepting Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Interac Flash

I am now able to accept Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Interac Flash as in-person payments for my photography business.  So if you or someone you know is looking for a photographer who can accept these three types of payments, I can help you or those people out.  This is also the same for ordering prints directly from me.

Additionally, I checked the settings on my Pixieset store (, and it turns out I can now accept Apple Pay on there as well.  So, if you’re looking for a print via that store, you’re either on an iPhone or a 2016 or 2017 Macbook Pro with Touch Bar, and have Apple Pay already set up, then you can pay for your order via Apple Pay.

Update on Pixieset Website

I have an update to make about my Pixieset website.  I have added more shipping options beyond just the “Canada Post” method that I had on there when I first created the account.  Now, for Canadian customers, if you would like to pickup your order from me (and this only applies to those in the Calgary area, or those who will happen to be travelling to Calgary when their order is ready), you can choose that option.  You can also choose to have your order shipped by regular mail at no charge, by registered mail for $12, by Xpresspost for $21, and by Priority Mail for $54.  The reason that non-regular-mail will have shipping costs applied is because it will allow for the costs of shipping via those other methods to be covered.  These shipping charges will also apply if you don’t want to pay online via credit card, and you’re contacting me directly with your order so that you can pay via an alternative method.

As for my international customers, I’ve also updated the website to allow you to make your print order directly from me.  Shipping to the US will be $3 by regular mail, and $32 via Xpresspost – USA.  Shipping outside of Canada and the US will be $6 by regular mail, $20 via registered mail, and $70 by Xpresspost – International.  If you’re okay with paying online via credit card, then use the Pixieset website.  If you’re not, then you’ll have to contact me directly.  Please be aware that your local border services/customs authority may apply customs duties onto your order, and the responsibility for payment of those duties are solely yours.

As for the other types of prints, I am now happy to let you know that I have now set up Pixieset to allow orders of regular prints in sizes other than the ones I handle directly, and metallic, canvas, and metal prints in sizes other than 11×14, 16×24, and 24×36, and mounted prints in sizes other than 11×14 Styrene, 16×24 Styrene, and 24×36 Styrene.  For the 11×14, 16×24, and 24×36 prints not available on Pixieset, you can order those through my Viewbug profile (

Now on Pixieset

I now have an account with Pixieset.  This site is a little different, as it is primarily for selling prints.  So, I have set up my account to allow me to sell some non-client prints on that site.  Now, for 4×6, 5×7, 6×8, 8×10, and 8.5×11 simple prints (i.e. those printed on regular photo paper), if the photo isn’t listed on that site, you aren’t interested in paying by credit card online, or (for those in the Calgary area) you’d prefer to pay me in person, then you’ll have to contact me directly.  Any print ordered in these sizes, whether ordered directly from me or through the Pixieset website, will not be charged shipping, since it’s coming directly from me.  Also, all of those photos are enabled for digital download, so you can use it for non-commercial purposes.  Just remember that you must give me credit as the copyright owner.  Furthermore, I will not allow it for use for questionable materials or reasons.

As for other types of sizes, and even other types of prints outside of 6×8 (canvas, metallic, mounted, etc.), you need to ask me if the image you’re looking for is available for purchase in that size or style.  If it is, I’ll direct you to the appropriate website (Pixieset or Viewbug) so that you can make your purchase.  Also, please note that shipping charges will apply, and that they are charged in USD, since the labs that those websites use are doing the shipping, and not me.

If you’re curious about what is available on the Pixieset website, you can visit it at