First Draft of Third Book Finally Done

It’s been over a year since I started outlining my third book.  It’s been almost a year since I starting actually writing it.  But I am happy say that the first draft of it is finally done.  It will probably take some time for editing to occur, but at least the second stage is over. It took so long because I also have the photography business to run, and I had taken all of those photos that I’ve taken over the spring and summer, many of which required editing, and so it wasn’t so easy to get back into writing.

I will tell you it’s probably not going to be a very huge book compared to my first two, and that’s because it’s a children’s book, and I wanted to ensure it was an easy read for them.  The other reason is that this is my first attempt at a children’s book, and I wanted to do something simple.  Also, in case you’re wondering when my target for release is, I’m hoping for early 2017.


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