Updated Look for Regular Website

I have updated the look for my regular website.  After using the Greyzed theme for this website for about the past three years, I felt it was time to freshen it up with a different look.  There are a few things that are different with the new look compared to the old look.  For one, you will see that the sidebar for this theme is on the right, and not the left.  There is also nothing in the footer that you can click on, so all of your navigation is going to be done via either the navigation bar or the right sidebar.  Another thing you’ll notice is that the colour is much different compared to before.  Finally, you’ll notice that there is no section in the sidebar called “My Social Media,” as all of the links to my social media pages are now in the bottom right of the site.  To check out the new look, you can go to https://ashadmukadam.wordpress.com.


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