Changes for Purchasing Kicking from Beyond the 40

As all of you are aware, three years ago next month I published my first book, Kicking From Beyond The 40.  Originally, I was going to use Blurb to publish the book, but I moved over to because of a ton of issues using Blurb’s book-making software at the time, BookSmart.  Well, back at the end of December I happened to go back to Blurb’s website, and I found out that they had released a new book-making software called BookWright.  My curiosity about this new software led me to testing it out by inserting the text from my first book.  After the testing, I realized that my original vision for the book was going to come true (5″x8″, and available in both paperback and hardcover formats), as this software worked way better for print book publishing than BookSmart.

However, due to the focus on the photography business, as well as continuing work on the first draft of the third book, I wasn’t able to get Kicking From Beyond The 40 published onto Blurb…until now.  I just received my proof copies of the book, and after reviewing them, everything is good to go.  That means that there will be some changes to how you can purchase this book.

The first, and obvious, change is that the styling of the title has gone from Kicking From Beyond The 40 to Kicking from Beyond the 40 (notice how the first letters in “from” and “the” in the title are now lower-cased).  The second change is that this new edition of the book will be available on Blurb, as well as various online retailers (I’ve gotten the Ingram Global Distribution from Blurb).  And, if you go to your local bookstore, you can order the book from them through their special ordering process, or you can even request that they stock the book.  The third change is that it will now be available in both paperback and hardcover (ImageWrap) formats.  The paperback version will be $15, while the hardcover version will be $30 (both prices are in CAD, or Canadian Dollars).  The fourth change is that this book will be 5″x8″, which is smaller than the first edition.  And the fifth change is that the book will no longer be publicly available for purchase on, as that one is the first edition of the book, and I do not feel it is right publicly sell this edition when a new one is available.  All future purchases of Kicking from Beyond the 40 must be made through either Blurb, your local bookstore, or an online retailer that sells it.

If you still would like to purchase the first edition of the book, there are still some bookstores in Alberta and BC that sell it.  Otherwise, you’ll have to contact me directly and explain why you want the first edition and not the second.

To get either the hardcover or paperback version, or both, of the second edition of Kicking from Beyond the 40 from Blurb, you can go this this webpage:

Just one more thing.  In the posts that I make letting you know about promo codes for purchasing both of the books that have been published, now you will see mentions of codes from both and Blurb.  In some cases, they’ll be in the same post, and in other cases they’ll be in different posts.


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