Now on Pixieset

I now have an account with Pixieset.  This site is a little different, as it is primarily for selling prints.  So, I have set up my account to allow me to sell some non-client prints on that site.  Now, for 4×6, 5×7, 6×8, 8×10, and 8.5×11 simple prints (i.e. those printed on regular photo paper), if the photo isn’t listed on that site, you aren’t interested in paying by credit card online, or (for those in the Calgary area) you’d prefer to pay me in person, then you’ll have to contact me directly.  Any print ordered in these sizes, whether ordered directly from me or through the Pixieset website, will not be charged shipping, since it’s coming directly from me.  Also, all of those photos are enabled for digital download, so you can use it for non-commercial purposes.  Just remember that you must give me credit as the copyright owner.  Furthermore, I will not allow it for use for questionable materials or reasons.

As for other types of sizes, and even other types of prints outside of 6×8 (canvas, metallic, mounted, etc.), you need to ask me if the image you’re looking for is available for purchase in that size or style.  If it is, I’ll direct you to the appropriate website (Pixieset or Viewbug) so that you can make your purchase.  Also, please note that shipping charges will apply, and that they are charged in USD, since the labs that those websites use are doing the shipping, and not me.

If you’re curious about what is available on the Pixieset website, you can visit it at


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