Start of the Third Book

I’m sure some of you are wondering when I’ll be finally starting work on my third book.  Well, after having to take care of some stuff in my personal life after Journey Through the Video Game World was published, and afterwards putting in a lot of work into getting my photography service off the ground (mainly with the background work involved), I can finally say when book number three will be started.  I will be getting started on that hopefully tomorrow, and at the latest sometime next week.  This third book will take longer than the first two because I don’t have an idea yet as to what to write about, so the first step in this process will be brainstorming some ideas, which can take some time.  As a result, I really cannot give you a definite timeline as to when the third book will be available, but I can say that it certainly will not be ready at all in 2015.  I am hoping that it will be ready in 2016, though as you saw from my updates throughout last year as I was writing Journey Through the Video Game World, that can be a moving target.  This will be especially true since I’ll also be doing photography at the same time as writing the third book.



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